SeasonOWL Energy Bars are a rotating small batch craft style energy bar that can be purchased online and at select stores. 

SeasonOWLs flavors are inspired by the essence of our New England seasons. The creativity this evokes is reminiscent of a visit to the farmers market and the challenge to bake with “what is in season”. These fun new OWL flavors always get rave reviews and pleas to “make more!” You have to act quick however….these small batches are only available in limited quantities.  Once we sell out, that's it!  We move onto the next season!

If you're lucky enough to get some delicious bars, eat them, enjoy, and stay tuned for the release of our next SeasonOWL announcement in our OWL Newsletter and on Facebook.

  • Dark chocolate hazelnut

  • Molasses ginger apricot

  • Night OWL Cappuccino crunch

  • Cashew Blueberry Banana

Past SeasonOWLS Flavors:

  • Maple Blueberry

  • Triple berry seed

  • Apple Ginger

  • Maple Pecan