Our goal to blend great taste, nutrition, and high quality into a convenient, portable meal led to the development of the OWL Energy Bar.  Nowadays, we are constantly forced to question our food source. To combat that mentality, OWL Food aims to create the most honest, pure, nutrient dense food we can.  We want our customers to say "this tastes homemade".  We achieve this through minimally processing our ingredients and sourcing only the highest quality ingredients we can.  And, naturally, adding in as much love as we can!

These handcrafted, small batch, whole-food-bars are designed with our philosophy that “you are what you eat”.  We consciously source non-GMO, gluten and dairy free ingredients that are rich in protein, nutrients, and minerals to naturally support your energy levels. We use local raw honey for sweetener and absolutely no artificial preservatives, flavorings, fillers or additives.

Flavor and freshness are highlighted in our blend of fruits and nuts with an emphasis on high quality “fuel foods” to allow you to perform at your fullest.  Available in original and cherry almond.  Each flavor is sold in full size and mini (100-calorie) portions.

Convenient, healthy, and delicious; the OWL Bar will fuel your activities, and be a great gift to others!