OWL Bars will never contain chemicals, additives, fillers, flavorings, or preservatives. Just good stuff you'd use at home.  We achieve the lustrous flavor of our bars without the use of eggs, dairy, or wheat.  Amazing, we know.


Our goal is to go BACK TO BASICS.  Nowadays, we are constantly forced to question our food source. To combat that mentality, OWL Food aims to create the most honest, pure, nutrient dense food we can.  We want our customers to say "this tastes homemade".  We achieve this through minimally processing our ingredients and sourcing only the highest quality ingredients we can.  And, naturally, adding in as much love as we can!

What GREAT VALUE!  Have you ever wondered what exactly it is you're paying for at the check-out line?  Oftentimes it's marketing, packaging, and overhead....and then ingredients.  When we compare our bar to others, we want people to say "wow all of those ingredients I recognize are in this bar?  I'm getting my money's worth".  At OWL Food of course we have to deal with all of the business of running a business, but we try to limit the impact of our costs on the consumer by being responsible about our practices.  One of the reasons Alli started OWL Food was the desire to bring high quality food to people at a great deal.  We hope you appreciate the results!