The OWL Bar is gluten and dairy free!!!

We submit the OWL bar to the top-rated lab for testing, Bia Diagnostics.  We have Bia Diagnostics test both the Original and Cherry Almond Bar for gluten and dairy. The FDA's current standard to be considered gluten free is less than 20ppm (parts per million) gluten. We have always tested at less than 5ppm, the lowest measurable level.  Our products also measure below industry standards for dairy allergens. In order for you to see our results, we have included our latest lab results for you to view.

Cherry Almond OWL Bar and OWL Pellet

Original OWL Bar and OWL Pellet

2018 original test results.jpg

 With a growing concern of celiac disease and gluten intolerance in our society, we felt it necessary to accommodate the dietary needs of our consumers into the OWL Energy Bar.   To ensure the handling of the product eliminates the occurrence of cross-contamination, we clean our bakery and wash our equipment thoroughly after every single production run. Ingredients are stored in separate air-tight containers to avoid contaminates like wheat to enter. The kitchen staff has been notified and educated on the factors needed to remain gluten free. Your health is important to us.

We do not make a claim that our Cherry Almond OWL Bar is peanut free.  We manufacture all of our products in the same facility.  However, due to our strict food safety procedures and clean-kitchen policies, our Cherry Almond OWL Bar tests below industry standards for the presence of peanuts.  See our  peanut allergy test here:

2018 cherry almond test results.jpg

Oh.....and for those of you who love the OWL Energy Bar and aren't gluten, dairy, or peanut intolerant? Go ahead, bite into a deliciously sweet and soft bar today....the nutrition stays the same and so does the taste. Now we can appeal to a wider audience! You asked, we delivered.